Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Belly off 3 - seventh week: done!


we are back, but not on track.
At least I survived the honeymoon without gaining too much weight.
To be honest:
I have the feeling I lost fat and the scale is confirming that:

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Belly off 3 - third week: done!

Here we go again:

#Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

Week one weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

Week two weight: 84,3 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two fat: 16,9 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two BMI: 23,9 (30.01.2013)

Week three weight: 83,4 Kg (05.02.2013)
Week three fat: 17,0 Kg (05.02.2013)
Week three BMI: 23,6 (05.02.2013)

After 3 weeks I lost 500g... HALLO? Why am I running? Doing the insanity workout? Feeling hungry?
I am not as strict concerning food as I should be... agreed! On the contrary... HALLO? Look at the pictures (took them today, compared to the pics from the beginning):

Using a lot of fantasy, you can see a difference in picture 1.
Picture 2 shows definitely a difference, and I also feel less belly fat! So something is happening, but it is not visible on photos (and hardly in reality).
Picture 3 (the cocktail bar pose) still shows the same result:

It still looks like:

That is the weight graph:

This Friday we are leaving for a 2 weeks honeymoon (Maldives). I see 2 options:

1. the surfing and snorkeling/swimming gives me extra strength, healthy food like a lot of fish let me loose weight. All the cocktails will not have any impact on my body and beside that I have the motivation to go jogging at the beach every morning and make use of the island gym.
(I do not need to mention here, that a honeymoon also is a guaranty for... NAH...! You know;-)

2. I will be laaaaaaaazy and get fat, because of the "platinum all-in", the all-time available burgers, club sandwiches, desserts or  because I am only lying in our private pool...
(picture taken from: http://www.lilybeachmaldives.com/photos.html)

I am off now for 2 weeks, my next posting will be around 25th of February!
If I am not thinner at that time, I will definetely be more tanned ;-)
Good luck to everyone!

Montag, 4. Februar 2013


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