Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Belly off 3 - first week: done!

The first week of #Boff3 is done! Here is my conclusion:

1. I was not that strict with myself, as I should have been
    (see here)
2. As I started earlier to loose weight then #Boff3 started, I
    already recognize, that loosing weight takes more time
    now, compared to the first 2 weeks
3. If I do not do enough sport, I do not loose weight
4. The Insanity workout seems to burn more fat/weight/calories
    than 30 minutes of swimming (I expected it the other way
    around to be honest)
5. Numbers:
    #Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
    #Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
    #Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

    current weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
    current fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
    current BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

    Conclusion: I lost nearly no weight, but 800 grams of fat! 
    Once I read, that muscles are heavier than fat. I do not know 
    if this is true, but I definitely gained muscles in the area of 
    my legs, especially at my calves. Taking this into 
    consideration, I might lost fat, but gained muscles, therefore
    it seems to be possible, that my weight stayed the same... 

    I know what you think: 
    there is a good explaination for everything and you are right 
    with this! No excuses any more: next week there should be 
    a measurable loss of weight (and fat would be great as well!)
I also try to continously eat healthier, what sometimes really is a challange for me. Nevertheless I am pretty successful with it and get more and more used to it:

In additon today starts my XLS-Medical test!
MC Winkel made it possible to get a starter package, containing the following:

The box which looks like a CD contains some cards, suggesting you ways to loose weight. I think everyone knows what is written on these cards: do sport, eat healthy!
The pills themselves have to be taken 30 minutes before the meal, directly before the meal or right after the meal, depending on which on you take. I thought about different ways of taking them, like to define the amount of pills (the instruction tells you how many are allowed max. per day) depending on the type of meal I eat or maybe cancel the pills, because you only eat a salad and so on. That's too stressful and also not measurable in terms of stability of the "taking the pills".

So I decided (according to the instructions) to take 30 minutes before every main meal the appetite manager, directly before every main meal the carb blocker and right after every main meal the fat binder. That is 8 pills per meal... quite a number, but ok: let's see if it helps.
I started today at lunch and already challenged the pills:

Tomorrow we will see the result and next Tuesday hopefully a big loss in weight!

General remark:
I did not upload a photo, because there is no visible change.
I only realized already a small "change" in my clothes, which feels good.

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  1. Pizza and the pills. I hope this doesn't lead to a giant diarrhea ;)

  2. Unfortunately it does not :-/
    Would give me a big advantage during this competition ;-)