Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Belly off 3 - second week: done!

I was an a really good track this week...!
And then something went wrong, but I do not know yet what it was.
This is the result:

#Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

Week one weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

Week two weight: 84,3 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two fat: 16,9 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two BMI: 23,9 (30.01.2013)

Goal for next week Tuesday:
- 81 Kg (I know this seems to be unrealistic, but I will manage!)
- daily postings
- tons of sport

DAMN that does not work as expected!

By the way: the XLS-Medical pills seem not to work as you can see, I am taking them constantly, but I do not see a change. Only the appetite-manager has an impact, but I am not extraordinary "hungry", so I do not need them.

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