Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Belly off 3 - seventh week: done!


we are back, but not on track.
At least I survived the honeymoon without gaining too much weight.
To be honest:
I have the feeling I lost fat and the scale is confirming that:

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Belly off 3 - third week: done!

Here we go again:

#Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

Week one weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

Week two weight: 84,3 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two fat: 16,9 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two BMI: 23,9 (30.01.2013)

Week three weight: 83,4 Kg (05.02.2013)
Week three fat: 17,0 Kg (05.02.2013)
Week three BMI: 23,6 (05.02.2013)

After 3 weeks I lost 500g... HALLO? Why am I running? Doing the insanity workout? Feeling hungry?
I am not as strict concerning food as I should be... agreed! On the contrary... HALLO? Look at the pictures (took them today, compared to the pics from the beginning):

Using a lot of fantasy, you can see a difference in picture 1.
Picture 2 shows definitely a difference, and I also feel less belly fat! So something is happening, but it is not visible on photos (and hardly in reality).
Picture 3 (the cocktail bar pose) still shows the same result:

It still looks like:

That is the weight graph:

This Friday we are leaving for a 2 weeks honeymoon (Maldives). I see 2 options:

1. the surfing and snorkeling/swimming gives me extra strength, healthy food like a lot of fish let me loose weight. All the cocktails will not have any impact on my body and beside that I have the motivation to go jogging at the beach every morning and make use of the island gym.
(I do not need to mention here, that a honeymoon also is a guaranty for... NAH...! You know;-)

2. I will be laaaaaaaazy and get fat, because of the "platinum all-in", the all-time available burgers, club sandwiches, desserts or  because I am only lying in our private pool...
(picture taken from: http://www.lilybeachmaldives.com/photos.html)

I am off now for 2 weeks, my next posting will be around 25th of February!
If I am not thinner at that time, I will definetely be more tanned ;-)
Good luck to everyone!

Montag, 4. Februar 2013


Run & breakfast

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

20130130 Dinner

20130130 Lunch

Not the best to start with, but a start is a start!
Stopped the xls pills today, I will get to 81 Kg without them!

Belly off 3 - second week: done!

I was an a really good track this week...!
And then something went wrong, but I do not know yet what it was.
This is the result:

#Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
#Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

Week one weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
Week one BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

Week two weight: 84,3 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two fat: 16,9 Kg (30.01.2013)
Week two BMI: 23,9 (30.01.2013)

Goal for next week Tuesday:
- 81 Kg (I know this seems to be unrealistic, but I will manage!)
- daily postings
- tons of sport

DAMN that does not work as expected!

By the way: the XLS-Medical pills seem not to work as you can see, I am taking them constantly, but I do not see a change. Only the appetite-manager has an impact, but I am not extraordinary "hungry", so I do not need them.

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

The last days...

... were pretty up and down!

I had to work a lot from Tuesday until Friday, so I disregarded sport.
In addition my wife and me agreed to "sin" at the weekend, meaning:
chips, flips, peanuts, big dinner etc.

As you "might" see on the weight overview below, this had quiet an impact:

So... today I am back on track, did my Insanity workout, eating soup...
The next week I will be completely on travel, but I shall be home shortly at Tuesday evening, so I can hit my scale and see where I am.

Enjoy your Sunday!

P.S.: Summary about the pills will follow on Tuesday!

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Belly off 3 - first week: done!

The first week of #Boff3 is done! Here is my conclusion:

1. I was not that strict with myself, as I should have been
    (see here)
2. As I started earlier to loose weight then #Boff3 started, I
    already recognize, that loosing weight takes more time
    now, compared to the first 2 weeks
3. If I do not do enough sport, I do not loose weight
4. The Insanity workout seems to burn more fat/weight/calories
    than 30 minutes of swimming (I expected it the other way
    around to be honest)
5. Numbers:
    #Boff3 starting weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
    #Boff3 starting fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
    #Boff3 starting BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

    current weight: 83,6 Kg (22.01.2013)
    current fat: 16,8 Kg (22.01.2013)
    current BMI: 23,7 (22.01.2013)

    Conclusion: I lost nearly no weight, but 800 grams of fat! 
    Once I read, that muscles are heavier than fat. I do not know 
    if this is true, but I definitely gained muscles in the area of 
    my legs, especially at my calves. Taking this into 
    consideration, I might lost fat, but gained muscles, therefore
    it seems to be possible, that my weight stayed the same... 

    I know what you think: 
    there is a good explaination for everything and you are right 
    with this! No excuses any more: next week there should be 
    a measurable loss of weight (and fat would be great as well!)
I also try to continously eat healthier, what sometimes really is a challange for me. Nevertheless I am pretty successful with it and get more and more used to it:

In additon today starts my XLS-Medical test!
MC Winkel made it possible to get a starter package, containing the following:

The box which looks like a CD contains some cards, suggesting you ways to loose weight. I think everyone knows what is written on these cards: do sport, eat healthy!
The pills themselves have to be taken 30 minutes before the meal, directly before the meal or right after the meal, depending on which on you take. I thought about different ways of taking them, like to define the amount of pills (the instruction tells you how many are allowed max. per day) depending on the type of meal I eat or maybe cancel the pills, because you only eat a salad and so on. That's too stressful and also not measurable in terms of stability of the "taking the pills".

So I decided (according to the instructions) to take 30 minutes before every main meal the appetite manager, directly before every main meal the carb blocker and right after every main meal the fat binder. That is 8 pills per meal... quite a number, but ok: let's see if it helps.
I started today at lunch and already challenged the pills:

Tomorrow we will see the result and next Tuesday hopefully a big loss in weight!

General remark:
I did not upload a photo, because there is no visible change.
I only realized already a small "change" in my clothes, which feels good.

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

I screwed up...

... on Sunday!
Started with the 4th day of Insanity workout (so far so good) in the early morning, but then my mother-in-law invited us for lunch...

In the evening we were out, so... see here is the result:


tomorrow it the first check at #Boff3, I expect that nothing changed from a weight perspective, only the percentual fat may be a bit lower ;-/
Stay tuned...

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

We are close to checkpoint 1...

Meaning that on Tuesday every #Boff3 participant has to blog about, how many weight was lost during the first week.

You can see my status on the picture below:
the business travels always gave me a pushback, but now I am back on track.

I went swimming today:
1000m in 28:30min, that is 30s faster than the last time. At least I am improving.

I also received the XLS-Medical starter package today, which I will start testing on Tuesday! Will keep you posted how it works/if it has an added value.

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

The best GoPro tips!

We own a GoPro now to do some good snorkeling videos during our honeymoon.

While playing around with the cam and getting used to it, I learned a lot from Mitch Bergsma!
Check his youtube-channel, you cannot stop watching it. It also reminds me to move to a more sunny place with my wife, Germany is definitely not the sunniest place to be :-)

My first video from his channel was this one:
Really cool tips!
He is nearly 100% deaf by the way, so you can also join his videos without sound at work ;-)
And what he also reminded me to:
be more happy!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Accomplished day 3...

... of the Insanity workout today and below you can see my lunch:

"Pita" with:
German "Krautsalat", Cherry-Tomatos, Pepperonis, Ketchup, Danish Hamburger Sauce, Texicana Salsa and Chicken...

Not really diet, but gooood and not too much!

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

#boff3: Today is day 1!

Today starts #boff3!

I already started my "get rid of the fat" program, but anyway:
today is the day where the competition starts officially.

My data so far:
Height: 1,88m
Age: 32
Starting weight: 86 Kg (04.01.2012)
Starting fat: 19 Kg (04.01.2012)
Starting BMI: 24,3 (04.01.2012)

Actual weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
Actual fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
Actual BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

New data will be posted tomorrow (I scale myself always in the morning after getting up).

My motivation:
On 8th of February I will start with my wife to our honeymoon to the Maldives.
To be honest:
it is a no-go for me to look like this, when I get off my shirt:

It looks... WHITE... and... fatty :-) The tanned skin will come during the holiday, but the fat has to "leave" before.

Imagine me on a nice island sitting at the bar... looking like this:

That's disgusting! It looks like the belly button starts to speak the next second.

What I would like/will change:
I have to give away a hand of fat...

To get rid of it, I am trying to:
- do more sport (running, insanity workout, swimming)
- eat less
- eat healthier

Thank god my wife is on the same trip, even if she does not take part at #boff3. She really cooks good&healthy meals, which supports me. For example her Carrot soup or the Nizza salad is a good dinner!
On the other hand I have to stay away from her:

Ya... it is not easy to have a polish cooking wonder in your home :-)

another trap is my business travels. I just came back from the Netherlands and I was not able to say "no":

So I promise you already, that I gained weight since the last time ;-/

THIS HAS TO STOP! I think the main fight is in my head, not on the plate!
Look at the weather forecast of the Maldives:

It is not like here in Europe:

No chance to wear a sweater! 

To get even more motivation, I asked a friend of mine to take part:

We have a bet ongoing, who of us will loose more weight (percentage of the starting weight).

Next to Sheldon and me, the following bloggers are joining:

If this is not enough motivation.... I stay fat :-)
Good luck everyone!

Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

It works...

I finished the second day of the Insanity workout yesterday and this morning I am on my way to swim 1000m in less then 30 minutes...

Insanity workout seems to work:

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Accomplished the first day of the Insanity workout today!

I really have to admit: I AM NOT FIT!

All the years without sport and lying on the sofa made me really unflexible (I am unable to touch my toes with my fingers having my legs streched) and I had to take some extra breaks to get through this 41 minutes training. Anyways... There is room to improve, so I will go on!

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

In between...

Latte Macchiato is not diet-compatible, right?
Chewing gums???

Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

The first days...

... after christmas in Poland I gained another 2 kilos...
Total weight is 86 Kg now ;-/ Since we go on honeymoon on 8th of February, 78 Kg and a body like these guys would be cool:

Not achievable of course, but I try my best. That's on the menu so far:

 And it works:

So now I need to add sport... I will concentrate on running, swimming and push ups.
Let's see what happens the next weeks...