Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

#boff3: Today is day 1!

Today starts #boff3!

I already started my "get rid of the fat" program, but anyway:
today is the day where the competition starts officially.

My data so far:
Height: 1,88m
Age: 32
Starting weight: 86 Kg (04.01.2012)
Starting fat: 19 Kg (04.01.2012)
Starting BMI: 24,3 (04.01.2012)

Actual weight: 83,9 Kg (16.01.2013)
Actual fat: 17,6 Kg (16.01.2013)
Actual BMI: 23,7 (16.01.2013)

New data will be posted tomorrow (I scale myself always in the morning after getting up).

My motivation:
On 8th of February I will start with my wife to our honeymoon to the Maldives.
To be honest:
it is a no-go for me to look like this, when I get off my shirt:

It looks... WHITE... and... fatty :-) The tanned skin will come during the holiday, but the fat has to "leave" before.

Imagine me on a nice island sitting at the bar... looking like this:

That's disgusting! It looks like the belly button starts to speak the next second.

What I would like/will change:
I have to give away a hand of fat...

To get rid of it, I am trying to:
- do more sport (running, insanity workout, swimming)
- eat less
- eat healthier

Thank god my wife is on the same trip, even if she does not take part at #boff3. She really cooks good&healthy meals, which supports me. For example her Carrot soup or the Nizza salad is a good dinner!
On the other hand I have to stay away from her:

Ya... it is not easy to have a polish cooking wonder in your home :-)

another trap is my business travels. I just came back from the Netherlands and I was not able to say "no":

So I promise you already, that I gained weight since the last time ;-/

THIS HAS TO STOP! I think the main fight is in my head, not on the plate!
Look at the weather forecast of the Maldives:

It is not like here in Europe:

No chance to wear a sweater! 

To get even more motivation, I asked a friend of mine to take part:

We have a bet ongoing, who of us will loose more weight (percentage of the starting weight).

Next to Sheldon and me, the following bloggers are joining:

If this is not enough motivation.... I stay fat :-)
Good luck everyone!

7 Kommentare:

  1. Good luck. Be aware of all this delicious food you will get on holidays!
    On the other hand - it's a belly off light. Just a handful to get rid off! :-)

  2. Hehehe, thx!
    Have you been at the Maldives during your world travel? Is it really THAT good (incl. the food?:-)

  3. Good Luck! Interesting to see that i am not the only one trying Insanity. But i fear you are much better at it then i am, since i am severly out of form and currently can't get through the warm up without a pause.

  4. Thank you! Same for you Dirk!
    And by the way:
    I completed day 3 and still I need extra breaks ,-)

    Dig deeper!

  5. Na sooo viel ist das ja nicht. Dürfte ein Kinderspiel werden. ;-)
    Gruß Antje

  6. @Antje: das sagst Du so...
    Gestern im Kino wieder total die Beherrschung verloren und Chips + Popkorn gegessen ;-/